Noontide is a full service property management company serving eastern Massachusetts.

Specializing in residential, commercial and marine property management.

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Own your property, don’t let it own you.

Here at Noontide, we tailor our service to your needs. We scale our services and our price based on your input. Whether you want to hand off tenant issues, or would rather turn over day to day management of your property and simply collect the profits, we can help you. Unlike your cable company, as our client you may choose only the services you need, and adjust the price accordingly:

  • Getting, vetting, keeping and removing tenants
  • Advertisement
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Major Renovations
  • Landscaping
  • Winter Security and House Checks for Vacation Homes
  • Vacation Rentals
  • Legal Services
  • Constabulary Services
  • Boats, Docks, Marinas and Piers

Every Property Manager A Handyman

Our managers never make a property visit without two items: their briefcase and their tool box. All managers are capable of basic, routine repairs, the kind uncovered often by site visits. Where other companies will call a plumber to unclog a toilet, or an electrician to replace light bulbs, we treat your property the way we treat our own.

Access to Our Network

Noontide owns property and we have built our network of professionals. From contractors to constables, lawyers to landscapers, we have built relationships based on trust and fair business practices. We will not send anyone to work on your property we would not trust on our own investments.

Go Green

Looking to change your home for the benefit of both the environment and your wallet? We can help. Did you know that cultivating plants that are native to your area can drastically reduce landscaping costs? Did you know that the state of Massachusetts offers incentives and tax breaks and in some cases funding for environmentally sustainable renovations? Noontide can help you navigate the best practices to keep both your property and your wallet green.

On The Water? Renting Dock Space?

Owning a boat or a dock requires a lot of specialized attention. You have the option to include not only your home and its grounds in our services, but responsibility for winterizing, transporting and launching your boat with it. We have vast, specialized experience with boating, shore side facilities and marine operations. You may choose to rent your dock as added income for your property. Noontide has you covered.


When things do not go as planned.

Massachusetts law can be both tricky and expensive to navigate for Landlords. An eviction can take months and cost thousands in addition to your lost revenue. Noontide saves you money by maintaining an in house constable. If a tenant we place in your property becomes a problem to the point where they must be removed, we will evict them at cost. That is Noontide’s guarantee. If tenants you have signed must be evicted, we will steeply discount constabulary services to beat any price in the Bay State. This is Noontide’s way of standing behind our management practices and tenant vetting. We are with you, in good times and bad.